Macchina Taglio e Incisione MT-35UP Kit

Macchina Taglio e Incisione MT-35UP Kit

2.700,00 IVA escl.

Macchina per marcatura ed incisione laser

Modello MT-35UP Kit

Piano di lavoro 500 x 300 mm.

Tubo laser CO2 da 50W

Asse Z manuale 200mm

Compreso di Carrello e Pc

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Airyx-200 air treatment system

Airyx-200 is the purifier sized for our MT-35W50

Equipped with practical wheels.

Our Airyx systems significantly reduce pollutants and odors, guaranteeing excellent comfort to the working microclimate having a low noise impact, thus having an efficient and effective air treatment system.

The purifier is equipped with a fiberglass, polyester, carbon, polyester and absolute filtering system and 12 cylindrical activated carbon

With the touch screen controller it is easily possible to switch the purifier on or off, check the status of the filters and the operating hours.

Range 200 mc/h
Power Engine 550 W
Power supply voltage 220 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Login Connection 150 mm
Logout Connection 150 mm
Filters Fiber, Polyester, Carbon and Absolute